Live Audience Evaluation

Measure the success of digital content and campaigns

Built on a next-generation platform developed with Telstra, Audience Evaluation is a unique and powerful online measurement system. Leveraging the power of 19+ million internet-connected devices aggregated and anonymised profiles into who’s engaging with your online content or digital campaigns.

The platform is linked to Helix Personas, revealing the humans behind your online audience without compromising the privacy of any individuals. This level of insight allows you to understand and evaluate the engagement of your audience so you can reach more customers on and offline.

Getting started is quick and easy.  Simply create a pixel on the Live Audience Evaluation platform, and then implement on your website or your digital advertising.  Then in less than 24 hours you will be receiving in depth profiling of the people engaging with your website or digital campaign.  No matter how large or small the activity, Live Audience Evaluation will provide in depth results from day one.

The interactive dashboard reports unique audience, impression and clicks, which can be profiled by Helix Personas, age, gender, device and location down to postcode.  Custom audience filters can be added, so you can clearly see if you are reaching your target audience. No other solution can provide this level of consumer profiling for websites and digital campaigns each and every day.

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Brand Owners

  • Accurately measure and profile your website and digital campaign audiences
  • Turn your website and campaign data into actionable audience segments
  • Find customers who are ready to buy
  • Test your ad and website creative to optimise engagement
  • Drive your offline marketing activity using your online audience insights

Media Agencies

  • Accurately measure and profile client’s digital advertising across platforms, with unique audience, impressions and clicks metrics
  • Report what percentage of ad spend was on target, against thousands of Roy Morgan Single Source variables
  • Optimise online and offline media-mix nationally or at a local area level

Media Owners

  • Gain an accurate measure of your online audience and profiles of who they are
  • Use this data to provide powerful audience targeting capabilities to advertisers
  • Prove the delivery of target audiences to clients on your network

Unrivalled profiles

Profiling over 19 million devices allows measurement of all online activity de-duplicated across all connected devices including tablets, desktop, mobile, smart TV’s and game consoles.

Updated daily

Allowing you to review the performance of your campaign and make changes to optimise marketing spend.


Our tagging solution is not reliant on cookies, so will not compromise user experience or slow down load times.

Location Based Insights

Receive postcode level granularity across Australia, and use Roy Morgan’s mapping solution to find consumers that are ready to buy now.

Easy access

Data is available through an easy to use online dashboard and via API for analysis in 3rd Party Business Intelligence tools.

How does it work?

Place our pixel in your website or digital advertising campaign

Pixel collects information about online user actions in real time

Unique Audience and other metrics published daily, showing who’s engaging with your brand online

Ability to profile audiences down to postcode level

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