Our products help media agencies, media owners and brands understand and reach their ideal customers with precision.  At the heart of Roy Morgan Live is digital innovation. We go beyond automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and add the human layer. That means harnessing real-time information systems and human understanding to create Human Intelligence (HI) systems. This is where the Holy Grail is revealed – data streams and third party data integrated with our own Deep Data to deliver HI-based decision making. Roy Morgan Live pushes the boundaries of data in the quest for real truth and understanding.

Live Audiences

Search, activate and evaluate audiences in real-time

Live Audience Search

Quantify target audiences quickly and easily

Live Audience Activation

Reach and engage your target audience across our vast media partner network

Live Audience Evaluation

Measure the success of digital content and campaigns

Helix Personas

Predicting consumer behaviour

Live Mapping

Identify hotspots of consumer demand

Live Search

Discover and quantify potential audiences in just a few clicks

Roy Morgan Premium

Meet the future shapers