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Meet the future shapers

In today’s slowing economy the premium market is thriving.

‘Premiumisation’ is on the lips of business leaders. However, the term premium applies not only to brands and experiences but also to consumers – now we can reveal Australia’s true premium consumers. Meet the future shapers.

After exhaustive evaluation by our data scientists, Roy Morgan has selected the NEO consumer typology to underpin our premium suite of products. Developed by social scientist Dr Ross Honeywill, NEOs are the Australians who munched and drank and spent their way through the GFC. They spend more, more frequently than anyone else. And in partnership with Dr Honeywill we are proud to reveal for the first time new digital-ready NEO Profiles.

Now you can recession-proof your business by reaching, motivating, and acquiring these truly premium consumers as your most valuable customers.


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Hyper NEOs

The most NEO of all consumers on the planet, there are 478,000 Hyper-NEOs in Australia (that’s the top 10% of NEOs). They are not only hyper wealthy; they are hyper spenders. In fact, all of them are in the Big Spender category. These are the NEOs that fuel every luxury brand in the world.

Super NEOs

Australia’s Super NEOs are 3-times more likely than the average Australian to earn more than $250,000pa; and 3-times more likely to spend it. They are the top 50% of NEOs – that’s 2.4 million Australians. Like Hyper NEOs they are active with their money and spend it on experiences that make their hearts sing.


NEOs are inconspicuous consumers who spend less on traditional products and more on creating emotional experiences, investing in brands and experiences that are authentic. They want beauty, design, quality, rich information, authenticity, flexibility, provenance and choice. The 4.7 million NEOs living in Australia are creative, entrepreneurial and typically occupy professional and managerial roles.

Aspiring NEOs

The NEO algorithm is mercilessly commercial. Consumers who have NEO attitudes and values but don’t spend enough are classified as Aspiring NEOs. They might be teachers or young entrepreneurs or artists – or a thirty-something professional woman temporarily out of the workforce to have a child. There are 5.3 million Aspiring NEOs and they still spend more than the average Australian.

High-Value Traditionals

Over on Planet Traditional are the other 10 million adult Australians. And the most valuable 10% of them can’t be overlooked if you’re selling premium or even luxury products. They are typically retired and living outside capital cities – a mix of traditional pastoralists and sea/tree changers. So, they might buy a Range Rover or a Rolex, but they won’t be buying another one anytime soon.


They are the flipside to NEOs. Traditionals, no matter their income or net-wealth, are reluctant spenders – and when they do, they like others to notice. They are obsessed by deals, discounts, product features, and status. Everyone wants the best price, but for a Traditional it starts and ends with price. Whereas for a NEO price is just the cost of falling in love. NEOs and Traditionals are polar opposites.

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Brand Owners

  • Generate higher return on marketing investment (ROMI) – get the right message to the right Profiles via the right channel
  • Convert you customer database into actionable Profiles – target the sweet spots
  • Use data science to develop the right products with the right price elasticity
  • Generate growth by matching the right products to the right Profiles
  • Not a premium brand? Develop a premium strategy and unlock hidden value

Media Agencies

  • Give your agency a competitive edge – use PREMIUM Profiles in a pitch
  • Get creative guidelines for targeted premium content and creative development
  • Use PREMIUM Pixels to evaluate engagement with online content or campaigns
  • Acquire the ultimate in addressable audiences
  • Plan and buy PREMIUM Profiles via Roy Morgan Campaign Planner
  • Optimise spend by targeting only the Profiles that deliver for your client


  • Offer direct advertisers evidence-based premium audiences – already used by 6 of the Forbes top-10 brands in Australia
  • Monetise your audience share of PREMIUM Profiles, currently invisible to you
  • Use PREMIUM Profiles to develop sections, titles, programs, and digital assets to attract and monetise the most valuable audiences in Australia
  • Use PREMIUM Profiles as a common language with agencies and advertisers
  • Quantify the value of your audiences for advertisers across all industry sectors


Your fully interactive Mapping dashboard makes child’s play of locating your chosen Profiles with surgical precision

PREMIUM Analytics

Analyse your Profiles’ preferences across media, lifestyles, values, attitudes and interests, and in industry verticals including retail, tourism & hospitality, airlines, beverages, finance, automotive, telecommunications, and more


Get to know PREMIUM Profiles via your own dedicated web portal … and watch how they respond, in real-time


Plan and buy PREMIUM Profiles across all media activation channels via our extensive partner network, including programmatic, premium display and video, eDM, mobile, outdoor and letterbox advertising

How does it work?

Flag PREMIUM Profiles on your own customer database

Discover your Profile’s media preferences, lifestyles, values, attitudes and passions

Engage PREMIUM Profiles intimately with relevant hyper-personalised messaging

Evaluate the premium ROMI of your digital content & ad campaigns messaging


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