Live Audience Search

Quantify target audiences quickly and easily

Live Audience Search allows you to find the availability of target audiences across our media partner network. Search across more than 100,000 consumer data points to discover which media channels will provide the greatest reach for your target audience.

Audiences are delivered as Helix Personas, a common currency used by brands, media agencies and media owners.

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Brand owners, media agencies and media owners

  • Discover and reach your target audience using simple search functionality
  • Contact media owners directly with the Helix Personas segments you’d like to target for your campaign
  • Media owners can use Live Audience Search to respond to briefs and promote the value of their audience

Unparalleled depth of data

Search over 100,000 data point from Roy Morgan’s rich consumer data set to find and profile target audiences.

Easy to use

Discover which media channels will have the greatest reach in just a few clicks

Vast media partner network

Target audiences across programmatic, social media, direct mail, email, mobile, outdoor, video and letterbox advertising

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