Live Audience Activation

Reach and engage your target audience across our vast media partner network

Our media partner network allows you to reach your target audience, including Helix Personas, where and when they are most receptive. Reach and engage your target audiences across programmatic, social media, direct mail, email, mobile, outdoor, video and letterbox advertising quickly and easily.

At Roy Morgan Live we can build target segments from Single Source and make them available in Facebook, Doubleclick Bid Manager, Nine Digital, Yahoo!7, eBay, Adobe Audience Manager and many other digital media buying platforms.

So whether you want to reach new car buyers, frequent travellers, sports fan, first home buyers, investors or any other combination of Single Source data points, Roy Morgan Live will help you precisely define your target audience for your next advertising campaign.  Contact us now to make your next advertising campaign precisely reach the right audience and improve the ROI on your marketing spend.

Live Activation is the fastest, simplest way to define, build and reach your target audience.


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Brand Owners

  • Purchase media against target audiences across the most relevant media channels

Media Agencies

  • Precisely reach your client’s target audiences at scale, across all media activation channels
  • Asteroid users can export an audience segment and deliver targeted campaigns across Facebook, Doubleclick Bid Manager,ebay, Nine Digital, Yahoo!7 and other media platforms
  • Localise campaigns down to postcode level with geospatial mapping

Media Owners

  • Increase revenue by enriching your inventory with Roy Morgan data, to provide better targeting capabilities to your advertisers
  • Communicate the value of your audience in a way that all advertisers can understand

Extensive network

Our partner network spans all media activation channels, with partners such as Acxiom, Adshel, Big Mobile, eBay,  Eyeota, Facebook,  Google, MCN, Nine Digital and Yahoo7

Precisely defined audiences

Roy Morgan Live can define and build your target audience, and then make available in Facebook,  premium and programmatic channels, as well as leading data management platforms.

Better campaign outcomes

Enhance your media buying with the market-leading consumer data set

Get Started with Live Audience Activation

Contact Roy Morgan today to create and activate any audience from our market leading consumer data.

Click the link below to learn more about our partner network or get in touch if you’d like to become a partner.

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