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Predicting consumer behaviour

Helix Personas uses deep psychographic insights, far beyond simple demographics, to segment consumers into targetable groups. The tool incorporates values, beliefs and attitudes which are the best predictors of consumer behaviour, so you can reach your customers most effectively with messages that resonate.

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Brand Owners

  • Turn your customer database into actionable Personas, understanding who and where your ideal customers are
  • Optimise your marketing spend by using the most effective messaging and media channels to reach the right customer
  • Grow your business by matching the right product with the right customer
  • Maximise your data by using Helix Personas to connect disparate data sets
  • Grow your customer base by finding new customers that ‘look like’ your best customers
  • Make data driven decisions on product development

Media Agencies

  • Understand the humans behind your client’s customer database
  • Translate client data into actionable Personas rather than simple demographics
  • Convert any Roy Morgan Single Source data into buyable audiences
  • Optimise creative, messaging and media plans nationally or at a local area level
  • Streamline audience buying across channels using Helix Personas as a common language

Media Owners

  • Gain a deep understanding of who and where your audiences are
  • Monetise your audience using a common language around human profiling
  • Quantify the value of your audience for advertisers across all industry verticals

Deep consumer profiling

Simply apply the Helix Personas code to your customer database to immediately unlock deep insights using the only psychographic segmentation tool available.

Industry level data

Analyse Personas in detail with thousands of data points covering media preferences, lifestyles, values, attitudes and interests as well as industry specific data sets across finance, automotive, telecommunications, retail, FMCG and more.

Interactive Mapping

Use the mapping tool to pinpoint optimal locations for local area merchandising and marketing, where your customers and prospects are most receptive.

Creative Briefs

Creative Briefs is an automated process to identify emotionally similar people and organise them into the priority target audiences applicable to your campaign. Using Helix Personas and Values Segments, the Creative Briefs engine develops a creative blueprint for you to persuade each target audience differently.

How does it work?

Append the Helix Personas code to your customer database

Discover your customer’s media preferences, lifestyles, values, attitudes, interests and locations

Engage your customers and prospects precisely with messages that resonate

Evaluate the ROI of your marketing activity

Browse Helix NZ Personas

Leading Lifestyles

Focused on success and career and family, people in the Leading Lifestyles community are proud of their prosperity and achievements. They are big spenders and enjoy cultured living to the max


Socially aware, successful, career-focused and culturally diverse, Metrotechs are trend and tech focused. They are committed experience-seekers, willing to spend big on the best of city life and thrive on being out and about in the world.


Driven by dreams of a big future, Aspirationals are highly ambitious and culturally diverse up-and-comers. Careful spenders, they’re working hard today to create a more successful tomorrow.

Hearth and Home

Closest to the average New Zealander, life revolves around the home for these contented Kiwis who embrace traditional family life. Perennial home-improvers, they see their homes as an expression of their status and achievements.

Doing Fine

Modest but contented, people in the Doing Fine community are happily making their way through life and value simple pleasures. Price sensitive and light spenders, they take a pragmatic approach to what they buy.

Fair Go

Struggling to make ends meet, looking for a better deal in life, making the best of things or simply pessimistic, cynical and likely to feel they get a raw deal out of life; the Fair Go community are lower income New Zealanders.

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