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Discover and quantify potential audiences in just a few clicks

Live Search provides easy access to the deep insights in our vast Single Source consumer database. Discover opportunities and quantify potential customers in just a few clicks, using the only dedicated search tool for deep consumer data.

The Live Search tool is simple to use and can be connected to any Roy Morgan Single Source database.  Users can search across any industry vertical and discover the population counts, and profile this rich information by age, gender, location, or customise the results with Helix Personas, Roy Morgan Values Segments*, Technology Adoption, NEOs or any other Roy Morgan consumer profiling data.

Quickly get answers to questions like, “How many people are in the market for a new car in the next 12 months?”, “Which media channels will reach my target audience?”, “Who is buying online?”.

With over 100,000 consumer data points available, the depth of insight is unrivalled.

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*Devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan Research and Colin Benjamin of The Horizons Network.

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Brand owners, media agencies and media owners

  • Find your ideal target audience in just a few clicks
  • Measure market size across industry sectors
  • Discover potential marketing opportunities
  • Research any subject in our vast Single Source consumer database – from pet food to home loans and everything in between.
  • If you’re already an Asteroid user, access your Single Source data quickly, easily and on the go
  • Profile media consumption across channels including television, radio, online, print, cinema, outdoor and catalogues

Over 100,000 consumer data points

Analyse Roy Morgan’s rich consumer data set through a simple use web interface.

Easy to use

Liberate the power of Single Source from the hands of analysts and make it available to untrained users across the business.

Deep insights

Data available across every industry vertical including lifestyle and attitudes, media consumption, brand and product usage and purchase intentions.


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