Live Mapping

Identify hotspots of consumer demand

Live Mapping provides a unique lens on where your target customers live, down to a street block level. Use these insights to deliver localised, meaningful campaigns and make informed business decisions. Combined with the power of Roy Morgan Single Source, the world’s richest consumer database, Live Mapping draws on this treasury of demographic, attitudinal, lifestyle, purchasing and media consumption data to help you pinpoint your best prospects.  Your target market can be mapped by any segmentation, including Roy Morgan Values Segments*.

With the unparalleled depth of our Single Source Survey, Live Mapping geo-projects more than 100,000 data points about Australian consumers onto an interactive map. Now you can map Luxury Car Owners, Early Technology Adopters or Households with Self-Managed Superannuation Funds – anywhere in Australia – and that’s just the start.

Live mapping can help you pinpoint

  • Where to launch a new product or store
  • Where to place advertising your target market will see
  • Where to focus sales and marketing effort
  • Where to get the best ROI on direct mail or telemarketing

Only Roy Morgan can combine such a wealth of demographic information, extensive product and media usage data and sophisticated mapping technology to generate maps with the flexibility, insight and accuracy to ensure you reach the right people in the right area.

*Devised by Michele Levine of Roy Morgan Research and Colin Benjamin of The Horizons Network.

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Brand Owners

  • Plot customer demand and competition to identify where to open new stores, dealerships or branches
  • Visualise hotspots of customer engagement to optimise local area marketing
  • Understand the trade area around your dealership or store to inform micro-merchandising decisions

Media Agencies

  • Visualise geospatial data on an interactive map for clients
  • Optimise local area campaigns across media such as outdoor, print, cinema and catalogue – with micro precision
  • Maximise cross-media and cross-channel planning by integrating online and offline data

Media owners

  • Media owners such as Outdoor, Shopping centres, Catalogue, Cinema and Print
  • Provide an intuitive and interactive way for advertisers to plan and buy campaigns
  • Define client trade areas for localised audience targeting
  • Quantify the value of your distribution area, inventory or assets by mapping consumer demand

Unparalleled Depth

Unleash the full power of over 100,000 Roy Morgan Single Source data points. Live Mapping redefines what you can do with location-based profiling.

Simple to use

Makes powerful and interactive geospatial tools available to the untrained user. Zoom in to the region, neighbourhood, street and house to find where your current or potential customers live.


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