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Sensis Data Solutions partners with Roy Morgan Helix Personas

22 Feb 2018

Sensis Data Solutions, providing data validation services to thousands of Australian businesses, has partnered with Roy Morgan for Helix Personas to enhance and enrich clients’ data.

Helix Personas uses deep psychographic insights, far beyond simple demographics, to segment the Australian population into seven communities and 56 distinct personas. The tool incorporates proven drivers and predictors of future behaviour – consumer’s values, beliefs and attitudes. So marketers can reach their customers most effectively with messages that resonate.

Helix Personas also provides rich insight into media habits, so marketers can choose the most appropriate channel of communication. Other applications include look-a-like targeting, store and branch optimisation, local area marketing and merchandising.

By overlaying Sensis Data Solutions’ existing demographic information with Helix Persona’s psychographic information, clients are given a far more comprehensive view of their database, allowing them to develop a much deeper understanding of who their customers are, create precisely targeted marketing campaigns, optimise marketing spend by using the most effective messaging and media channels and grow their customer base by finding new customers that ‘look like’ their best customers.


Partnership highlights

  • Sensis Data Solutions can now offer clients a detailed, personalised, psychographic view of their customers.
  • Helix Personas integrates into both Sensis Data Solutions’ leading validation tools, TotalCheck and MacroMatch.
  • Add the Helix Personas code to your customer database to immediately unlock deep insights using the only psychographic segmentation tool available.


Stephen Palmer, Executive General Manager at Sensis says, “Adding Helix Personas to Sensis Data Solutions’ range of data washing capabilities takes us from strength to strength. The world of data is constantly changing and Sensis Data Solutions lead the way in adapting our products to keep up with the latest developments and meeting customers’ evolving needs. By integrating Australia’s only psychographic segmentation tool into our leading data validation services, we’re giving customers the unique opportunity to add another dimension to their already valuable data.”

Howard Seccombe, Chief Digital Officer at Roy Morgan Research says:

“Helix Personas is the market leading consumer segmentation product and the only psychographic segmentation of the Australian population. Data quality underpins Helix Personas, so partnering with Sensis Data Solutions is a perfect fit. It’s an exciting time, not only for us and our partners, but for the brands that are now equipped to identify and reach their target audiences more simply, clearly and precisely than ever.”

About Sensis Data Solutions

Sensis Data Solutions is part of Sensis, Australia’s number one marketing services company. With exclusive access to the Yellow and White Pages, SDS have one of the most accurate and comprehensive data validation services on the market.

By ensuring our customers’ databases contain clean, current and complete data we boost their marketing ROI in in a variety of ways from eliminating wastage on materials that don’t reach their destination, to saving time a point of data entry, to creating a better customer experience, to connecting business with as many customers as possible.

We have been validating databases for over twenty years and work with some of Australia’s leading corporations, not-for-profits and government bodies.

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About Roy Morgan

Roy Morgan is the largest independent Australian research company, with offices in each state of Australia, as well as in the United States and the United Kingdom. A full service research organisation specialising in omnibus and syndicated data, Roy Morgan has over 75 years’ experience in collecting objective, independent information on consumers.

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