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Shopper Media Group launches smarter audience targeting with integration of Roy Morgan Helix Personas

29 Mar 2018

Shopper Media Group, Australia’s fastest-growing retail digital out-of-home business, today announced its partnership with Roy Morgan and Helix Personas that will allow brands the most efficient audience targeting across Shopper Media Group’s shopping communities.

Shopper Media Group CEO Ben Walker, says the new partnership will equip Shopper Media Group with the capabilities to offer media agencies and marketers more effective and targeted media buys and will allow our shopping centre partners to better customise their marketing communication based on a better understanding of their local shopping audience catchment.

Roy Morgan Helix Personas is a unique and powerful consumer segmentation methodology that combines sophisticated psychographic and behavioural data to classify the Australian population into 56 Personas and 7 Communities. This allows Shopper Media Group to understand in depth the types of personas and communities that shop in their centres.

Victoria Primrose, Director of Marketing & Insights for Shopper Media Group states “Now with the ability to utilise Roy Morgan data on top of advanced shopper tracking analytics, we can provide media agencies and marketers more efficient and effective campaigns by allowing them enhanced access to their brand specific target audiences around the country. With the ability to serve ads to the right audiences our partnership with Roy Morgan will ensure we can offer more targeted campaigns for our clients. This will also unlock greater campaign personalisation capabilities with the ability to serve different ads to different audiences at the same time.”

Michele Levine, CEO for Roy Morgan stated “I am delighted to welcome Shopper Media as a partner to our Helix Persona network. This partnership further cements our strength as the leading psychographic segmentation of the Australian population and offers the ideal solution to Shopper Media in connecting consumers with brands close to the point of purchase”.

Since its launch in 2015, Shopper Media Group has achieved exponential growth in the retail out-of-home landscape, with a focus on expanding reach in grocery-centric hubs and today has a portfolio of more than 200 shopping centres nationally.

In 2017 Shopper Media Group was recognised as a Westpac “Business of Tomorrow” for its outstanding commitment to meeting the challenges of the future.

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