Success Story

Targeting tradies through Interplay’s digital network

The challenge

Interplay Media is a digital advertising sales house specialising in sport and fitness media. They represent over 200 sport blogs, apps, fansites and forums, working with advertisers to deliver exceptional digital campaigns that reach users who are passionate about sports and fitness.

Interplay wanted to allow advertisers to precisely target tradies across their digital network. Sport is the ‘social currency’ for tradies, and 70% of the audience is mobile making Interplay the perfect platform to reach this audience.

The solution

Helix Personas is at the heart of this solution which allows Interplay to understand in detail who this target Helix Personas is, as well as where they actively engage across their full digital network. Armed with this accurate targeting capability, Interplay can now deliver campaigns on behalf of their clients which reach this audience with precision.

To do this, we used Roy Morgan Single Source data to establish which Helix Personas represent tradies based on their relative professions such as electrician, plumber and builder.

We then accurately measured Interplay’s audiences across their digital network using Live Audience Evaluation, revealing how their content indexed against the target Helix Personas.

This gave Interplay the insights they needed to understand which sites within their network would most effectively reach tradies. Their content is continuously tracked to ensure the targeting remains accurate.

The results

A number of ad campaigns have been delivered using these insights and measured using Live Audience Evaluation, receiving click through rates far above the industry benchmark. Below are two examples of targeted campaigns.

Results for a national home improvement chain’s campaign:

Results for a national liquor brand’s campaign:

Helix Personas, combined with Live Audience Evaluation, has helped Interplay Media develop a deep understanding of the people consuming their content, and ultimately provides their clients with exceptional performance for the adverting spend.