Success Story

Using Helix Personas to inform business strategy in a new and challenging market

Churches of Christ (COC) is one of the largest and most diverse not-for-profit organisations in Australia. Their key area of focus is Care Services, providing home and community care, retirement villages, residential aged care and integrated communities throughout Queensland and Victoria.

The challenge

The community care system in Australia is being reformed, with an aim to increase consumer choice and control. The reforms have created a new and demanding market for care service providers, as well as new challenges for consumers who now need to understand the options available to them in order to make the decisions about their care.

The changes in the industry prompted COC to evaluate the services they offer to ensure that they are meeting the needs of this new demanding market.

The solution

COC applied the Helix Personas coding to their customer database, revealing their Personas. They analysed the results, discovering the interests, attitudes, values and media habits of their target audience.

The data revealed a growing market of younger customers, and one key persona in particular – the Back to Nature Helix Persona within the Golden Year’s Community. This target segment is looking to start aged care services earlier so that they can live in their homes for longer and maintain their health.

This area was under-served by the sector, so the team realised a huge opportunity for innovation and service development. They decided to develop their offering to cater for the needs of the lifestyle market, rather than focusing only on the needs-based market as they currently were.

The results

The COC team have used the Helix Personas insights to develop a whole new offering that speaks to this lifestyle market. They are launching services around fitness and exercise, healthy eating, social connections and creative endeavours.

They are making it easier for people to stay in their home for longer as they age, with services such as accessible gardens, lessons in new technology to stay connected, yoga classes and the ability to entertain at home.

They purchased new technology that allows COC representatives to present the offering in a digital format to potential customers in the home. The new offering has only very recently been launched, but to date has been very well received.

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